Moving text and objects

jvd88 Community Member Posts: 3

I tried looking it up in the forum.

Is it possible to move a text from outside the elearning to a position in the learning ?

I have a move to action, but can not move the text outside the canvas and then let it move in.

Hope you understand what i mean.



  • ssneg
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    You cannot move anything beyond the border of the slide, unfortunately. Lectora announced that it'll be available in Lectora 12, which is coming out in 2015 (I think).

    But you can achieve what you want using scripting. Are you savvy with JavaScript and CSS?
  • ssneg
    ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,466 ☆ Roadie ☆
    UPDATE. You can achieve this with just a couple of actions. Basically, just set it to initially hidden, then on click, move it off screen, then make it visible, then move it back in. Voila.

    Live demo:

    Lectora project: