Wheel of Fortune Wheel?

mwjr Community Member Posts: 19
Does anyone know how to create or where I can find a Wheel of Fortune type wheel for Lectora? Preferably one that I can build without using Flash, since my skills with Flash are nil.


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  • benpitman
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    Before you go running off to buy a game, remember that learning is context related. You don't recognize your dentist in the grocery store -- out of context. Pick a game that reflects the context where the content will be used. Also, life is not black or white so be sure it allows you to explain why each answer is not so good and it should give you different points for each answer choice. Ex. the customer frown and walks out (0 points), the customer asks another clarifying question (2 points), The customer smiles and says I'll buy one (6 points). Also, most training is related to some kind of performance improvement. If you are training athletes, then points is fine. If you are training production workers then either more units produced or fewer defects. If you are training salespeople, then units sold or $ should be your scoring unit.