Unable to upload any Documents (word, pdf)

shoesmcgee Community Member Posts: 2
Looking for some help. I am trying to add a word document into my learning however when I go to the Insert Ribbon and click on the Document Icon, it only asks for "Custom Files". When I change it to "All Files" and select my word document I get this message: "File is no an allowed file type (-130)."

Any suggestions? or am I doing something wrong?




  • wheels
    wheels Community Member, Administrator, Moderator, Rockstar Manager Posts: 685 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    Try adding the Word document as an attachment. Then use the open attachment action to allow your learners to access the document.

    Currently we only support rich text format (RTF) and text files (TXT) when adding a document object. These are converted to HTML and displayed on the page.

    Depending on what you are trying to do, you could save your Microsoft Word file as a rich text format document. If you want the learner to be able to download and view the Microsoft Word document then add it as an attachment.

    Hope this helps!