Auto-advancing Rank/Sequence Questions

rtomchuk Community Member Posts: 2
How can I set a Rank/Sequence Question to automatically advance to the next page upon the user answering the question correctly?

This is single question placed within the module for review purposes, with Feedback enabled. It is not part of a Test, and I'd prefer not to have to create a full Test if possible. I've hidden the Next button to force the user to answer the question though.

Is there a variable I can use with the IF Condition and the Action: 'Go To - Next Page' so that the user advances once they have placed all items in the correct sequence and viewed the Feedback popup? Or is there an another solution?

I'm using Lectora 11.3.1.

Thanks in advance!


  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    all you have to do is create a group and put the actions you want in it like show Next or GoTo. Then set the question to run it using its feedback tab
  • rtomchuk
    rtomchuk Community Member Posts: 2
    Perfect! Thank you!