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In Lectora Publisher I’ve inserted JWPlayer (video player which I’m using as an audio player) as an HTML Extenstion Object. I need JWPlayer for 508 accessibility. It works fine but I have no control over it other than of itself. My objective is to have mute and unmute buttons throughout the course in the header to mute audio (JWPlayer) on or off so a user wouldn’t have to keep hitting the play or stop button on every page (there’s probably at least a 100 pages in the course). Lectora has an action button called ‘Run Javascript’ but I have no idea how to get this to talk to the HTML Extension Object or if it is even possible. Any ideas on what I might use in the Run Javasript box to mute and unmute JWPlayer? The code I’m using for the player is below.


HTML Extension Object:


flashplayer: "jwplayer.flash.swf",

file: "Welcome.1.mp3",

height: "30",

width: "300",

autostart: "true"




  • timk
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    First thing is the Lectora Video / Audio player uses the JW Player as well.

    When using the "Run Javascript" action, just enter the Javascript code you want to run into the textfield. The code in the field is put into a javascript function and the button is set to run that function.

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