Mute/Unmute Button Issue

mwjr Community Member Posts: 19
I have a title for which I've created a mute/unmute button. The action is fairly simply - click the mute button to mute the media, and the unmute button appears. Click the unmute button, the media is unmuted and the mute button appears.

Here's the problem - when I click the mute button, the media is indeed muted, and the Unmute button appears, as it should. However, when I advance to the next page, the Mute button re-appears, and there is no audio. I click on the mute button, and it changes to the unmute button, but still no sound.

Essentially, the minute I press mute the media is muted for the rest of the course. Clicking the mute/unmute button does nothing other than switch the images.

I've tried it with the buttons at the top level, with each individual page inheriting them, and I've tried placing them on each individual page. No luck.

Any thoughts?