Essay Quiz - Max. Answer Text Length does not take into account "Enter" Key Presses

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We have a Essay Type Quiz & its Maximum answer text length is set to 1100. A User enters a paragraph of text (say 600 characters), presses the Enter Key 5 to 10 times and then enters the remaining paragraph of text (500 characters) & Clicks on the Submit Button. On the Answer Screen a white space is generated depending on the number of times the Enter Key was pressed between the first and second paragraph as seen in the screenshot titled “FreeResponse.png”. Is there a workaround for this issue? A white space is taken into account in the max. answer text length. However, the same isn’t true for Enter’s.

Inputs on the above is appreciated. Thanks!!!



  • ssneg
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    Well, seems like Lectora does what it has to do; it displays the text that your user entered exactly how they entered it. It cannot do more than that without knowing what you deem a "good" text vs "bad" text.

    Since you're the only person who knows what's a "good" text in your situation, you can add a JS function that takes the text field variable's content and sanitizes it. You can even teach it to remove curse words or something.