Snap preview - win 7 very slow?

andyking Community Member Posts: 38
recently migrated to Win7 and noticed when previewing a single slide, the preview build is very slow.

This particular slide has ~28 seconds of narration, a background image, a character image, and one text box.

Building the preview for the slide takes approx 4 minutes 30 seconds.

That seems excessive to me, and wasn't that long prior to migrating to win 7.

Is there a setting or something I need to adjust? Or some workflow process?


  • andyking
    andyking Community Member Posts: 38
    well I think I figured it out.

    my files were on a network drive. when I copied to my desktop the preview built in about 10 seconds which is what I'd expect.

    I didn't have this amount of latency on WinXP, any tips on avoiding this, other than only working on local files?
  • andyking
    andyking Community Member Posts: 38
    I'm trying to publish to the network web server and man is it taking forever....

    Was never this slow on xp.
  • micki
    micki Community Member Posts: 29
    When I imported my audio files and then clicked OK, it took several minutes for the audio to be added. Then, when I was syncing the audio, each time I was done and clicked OK, it took several minutes before I could go on to the next screen. All of my audio files and the PPT are on my hard drive, so it's not a network issue. Any suggestions on how to speed things up?

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