Issues with Tab key action trigger in IE

sschiller Community Member Posts: 6
Hi smart people,

I am working on a software simulation exercise, where the user needs to press the Tab key on their keyboard to advance to the next step. I have set up an action trigger on the page, where the Keystroke 'Tab' generates the desired action.

This action works perfectly in Chrome, but it's very flaky in IE. It works correctly most of the time on some pages, but not on others (and it's the same action). When it doesn't work, I get a little message box at the top of the browser window referring to Compatibility Mode.

Any suggestions/hints/clues? Most of my users are in the IE world, so I need to make it work on that platform.

(I tested with IE 10)



  • leslie2009
    leslie2009 Community Member Posts: 5
    The Tab key is already a keyboard shortcut for IE and has been for quite a few versions. It may be causing some confusion for the browser. I avoid using Tab key and several others that are already used as keyboard shortcuts in other applications. I learned this a few browser versions ago so I check the list at the link below often during development.

    Here's a link to the latest IE 9 keyboard shortcuts.
  • sschiller
    sschiller Community Member Posts: 6
    Your explanation makes a lot of sense, thank you!

    So now I just have to figure out a good way to simulate the Tab action in my software exercise. Maybe I'll just put a button on the screen called 'Tab' and include a note to click there to simulate pressing the Tab key on the keyboard. What a pain!

    Thanks again.