Status Correctly Modified 95%-96% of the time???

We have several courses that all experience the same issue. The LMS captures the score everytime, but it only captures the status of completed about 95-96% of the time.

We have thousands of learners where everthing functions as is should, records score modifies status. But roughly 4-5% of the learners experience their score being recorded correctly, but the status doesn't get recorded as completed.

The Admin keeps saying that it has to be a Lectora related issue and says we need to use captivate, but I think it is an LMS related issue since a user experiences the same results on multiple courses during the same session, or not at all.

Can anyone provide any suggestions on how to track down the root cause of the issue??

we are using scorm1.2 and peoplesoft/ELM 9.0

Thanks in advance for any help or insight you can provide!!


  • finsbury
    finsbury Community Member Posts: 21
    very similar problem here with cornerstone-on-demand. Finding that in maybe 2% of cases, no new data is provided to the LMS after having processed and submitted the assessment score. SCORM 1.2. tens of thousands of learners and hundreds of courses, so that 2% represents a lot of people not getting LMS completions despite passing the final assessment.

    Have a few different authoring tools out there, and only seeing this from Lectora X.5 / X.6

    Did you find a solution?
  • ssneg
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    We had a similar problem due to time-outs. Users would abandon the course in the middle for a couple of hours (to go to a meeting), then resume it. By the time users returned, the LMS had closed the session yet the course continued to work as normal - except the LMS would not accept any data. Lead to a few very frustrated learners.
  • finsbury
    finsbury Community Member Posts: 21
    well here we have a successfully submitted passing score, then probably only a second later, the completion status that's set on the next page isn't getting through. In fact, it seems as if none of the subsequent suspend_data changes are recorded either. It's almost like it calls an LMSFinish() after sending the passing score.
  • ssneg
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    @finsbury 57152 wrote:
    It's almost like it calls an LMSFinish() after sending the passing score.
    ...except it only happens in 2% of cases, right? Is there any way to enable logging in LMS so you can see the communication between the server and the course?
  • finsbury
    finsbury Community Member Posts: 21
    right, it's intermittent. There's no logging on the LMS.
  • padreisla
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    We are experiencing the same issue here, Roughly 2-3% of the leaner's do not get a completion but will get a passing score and their status in CSOD will be "Started" Has anyone else seen this and what did you do to correct it?

    @STEWG, can you give any additional details. Such as are you using JavaScript Title Manager, what version of Lectora are you using? Are you hosting your content on PS ELM or another site? Any additional details you can provide would be great.

    We use PS ELM as our LMS and host on CSOD. Lectora X5 publishing to SCORM 1.2. Started noticing problem Sept-Oct time frame. The apiwrapper.js file was modified to push a completion at the same time it records scores instead of on next page. That fixed the issue but we are still trying to determine why it is happening and what triggered it, so we do not have to do this for every new course.
  • stewg
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    I am using Lectora 11.3.2 and yes I am using the Javascript title manager and it is hosted on PS ELM. When the issue occurs it occurs for that users for every course they complete during that login so I'm guessing it is a session based issue with the LMS.

    A User can take courses A, B, C, & D during the same session and all of the results record a passing score, but the status is not modified. While at the same time another user can take one, or several of the courses, during the same session at the same time and have everything work as it is supposed to.:confused: