Captivate file with skin

maggiemay Community Member Posts: 3
I have Lectora inspire 11 and for some reason when I insert a captivate file with skin in Lectora 11 using insert flash file it will not run in browser mode. It works in preview mode but not in browser mode which is what I have to use because our LMS is web based. I called support and they could not help me. Anyone out there know why this does not work for web based LMS?

It works without the skin but we would like to use the navigation controls for the flash file.


  • graced
    graced Community Member Posts: 96
    Are you just embedding the swf? Have you tried playing the full published file by embedding the html file. I believe that the captivate .js file is needed for the skin to work and that means you need to play it through html.

    You can use an external html object in Lectora to link to the Captivate html file. You might have to experiment with where you place things - in the extern folder or in the images folder or in the same folder as your .awt file.