Importing multiple images at the same time.

vinothcse123 Community Member Posts: 11
Good day,

Is there any option in lectora to multiple many images at a time.

Now am using the import images in lectora to import the images. Its really frustrating for me to import images one by one.




  • wheels
    wheels Florida USACommunity Member, Administrator, Moderator, Rockstar Manager Posts: 654 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    There are a couple of strategies I use for this.

    1. If you use Firefox you can select multiple images in the windows file explorer and then drag them onto the content area when a title is loaded in publisher. I am not sure if this works on a Mac but it should. Firefox is the only platform where we currently support drag/drop of media from the operating system (desktop) to the title.

    2. You can make a folder in the Media Library Organizer (MLO). The MLO allows you to select multiple images for upload or you can upload a zip file which it will unzip for you into the specified area. Then you can drag/drop or select and insert images from there into your title, this type of drag/drop should work in all browsers.
  • vinothcse123
    vinothcse123 Community Member Posts: 11
    Am really happy Wheels, Our entire team was not aware of this functionality.

    We just import onebyone.

    I have tried this idea but i have not dropped my image in to the page name. Thats y its not worked.

    Thanks wheels.
  • ahetherington9113
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    Thanks so much, I didn't know this either. I've just dragged a bunch of images across to my workspace. Great tip!