HTML Extension Problem

rhys Community Member Posts: 49
I have a course where I have to use a Custom Div. I have today discovered that there seems to be a limit on the number of lines of code it will allow (about 530 line) I have tried playing about with the code and putting more on each line rather than having it nice, neat and readable. The custom Div will allow me to fit me code in in this way. For example:

function search()


var skeyword=document.searchengine.keywords.value.toLowerCase();

var check=1;

var pos=0;

var i=0;

var j=0;

var itemp=0;

var config='';

while (true)

Changed to:

function search(){var skeyword=document.searchengine.keywords.value.toLowerCase();var check=1;var pos=0;var i=0;var j=0; var itemp=0;var config='';while (true)

Gives 2 lines rather than 10. I can condense the code in this way to fit it all in the Custom Div but in the future I am going to need about another 200 lines, at which point the problem exists again.

Does anyone know why there would be a limit on lines of code? Can anyone offer any suggestion for a way to get round this problem?