Installing to use with Powerpoint 2013

ewansmac Community Member Posts: 1
I have just installed the latest version of Snap (1.4) and am using Powerpoint 2013 (64bit). The installation seems to go ok but when I start Powerpoint, there is no Snap ribbon present. I have checked add-ins under options and there is no reference to Snap. Can anyone advise.



  • mpavlica8693
    mpavlica8693 Community Member Posts: 2
    I was told by Trivantis support Snap! will not run on 64bit.


  • mpavlica8693
    mpavlica8693 Community Member Posts: 2
    Found a work around for not being able to register SNAP! on PowerPoint 2013 on Office 365.   I got a new machine with Office 365 on it and tried to install SNAP!.  It would allow me to install it as a trial version but I could not get it registered.  So I had my IT Dept. reinstall Office 2007 on my new machine, then I installed and re-registered SNAP!.  Then we loaded Office 365 on my machine and SNAP! was automatically "attached" to PowerPoint 2013.

    Hope this helps some people!