View Flash file in edit mode

bhphilly Community Member Posts: 62
Is there a setting that allows me to see the flash file on my page while I'm in edit mode? The first frame of my flash file is transparent so when it's sitting on the Lectora page in edit mode I can't actually see it taking up space on the page. When I click on it I see that it's highlighted but it disappears again when it loses focus.


  • graced
    graced Community Member Posts: 96
    I'm wondering why you need to see the file when in edit mode. Do you need to see it so you can align other objects to something in the flash swf? I can suggest a workaround - take a screen capture of the Flash screen; import the graphic into Lectora (or Snap); place it where it should go; make a note of the position coordinates. Then, when you import the swf, assign the same position coordinates that you used for the image.

    I hope this helps.