Loading published html course to intranet

ally_jim Community Member Posts: 1
My company is converting to another LMS and we will be wthout one for 1 month. I want to load a course to launch from our intranet but am compeltely lost in what to do with the html files.


  • cyberjoep
    cyberjoep Community Member Posts: 19
    Assuming you are running a network at your work that has Windows servers? You can take the html directory and place on one of your Intranet web servers, as in, add it as a virtual directory in the IIS. Then your company's user can just run the course that way ... If this is Greek to you as to what I just said, you need to talk to your company's web master (the guy/gal that takes care of your company's intranet web site) and have them create a location for your course(s) on the web server.

    When you set up the web site in the IIS, tell the web master that the default page for the virtual directory is index.html (The first HTML page you access for your course )

    Of course, if it isn't in your LMS and your courses do some type of AICC scoring and usually send this information to your LMS, this will not happen running the HTML outside the LMS.