Suggestions for submitting code as part of a test

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I need some creativity please. I am creating certification tests for a software company. As part of the test, I will have a series of random, gradeable questions in one section of my test. Then, I want to create a second section where my "question" will simply be a scenario for the testee. They will go to another environment to create a solution (code) using our software product. I then want them to submit that created code back as part of the test. I originally envisioned submitting a zip file as part of the test submission. Then, I thought about using an essay question to simply have them paste their code into but that's limited to 255 characters when publishing as SCORM so that's not enough. I am open to any and all ideas. Again, bottom line my test will be partially gradeable with traditional test questions. Then, I need some code submitted back with the test for manual grading on my end. But I need to ensure that the submitted code remains associated with the rest of the test. Please help with a creative idea. Thank you in advance. By the way, I use a Saba web based training class to expose the published test.


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    barbpotter Community Member Posts: 5
    Let me clarify that my utmost requirement is to have the test taker submit a file (zip, text, etc) as part of the test. I see no actual way to do this. I can give them a file to download, but don't see how they can "upload" it back. PLEASE any and all suggestions. Thanks.