Problem with Lectora's HTML Output and Chinese / Asian languages - Mystery spaces

tr_gm Community Member Posts: 20
This problem is consistent across IE, Chrome and Firefox.

Recreating, retyping, reformatting… nothing works, except for manually editing the output files that Lectora generates. (explained below)

I've tried to investigate the cause of the issue as best I can, but quite WHY Lectora exports the HTML in this way I couldn't say…

Example: (there are a few on this paragraph!! One is highlighted in blue…)


Some bad news… it’s a problem with all our other Chinese Lectora courses.

On the positive side, this is good news for Lectora’s translation tool as it’s apparently not the cause of the issue.

Another example of this occurrence:


Lectora outputs this code:

NOTE: the line breaks, the text doesn’t wrap like the second screenshot.


I edited the HTML that Lectora generated to remove the mystery line breaks. These line breaks are not in the text box, I have checked the characters in notepad, wordpad, notepad++, word. There are no strange characters causing this.

This edited code works fine, no mystery spaces:

All that has been changed is the line breaks have been removed from the HTML.


We have had customer complaints over the random spaces that have been appearing throughout an ENTIRE course.