Cannot select text in Chrome

rwalters Community Member Posts: 276
Any page viewed in Chrome appears to have content protected by default. Nothing happens when I try to select text to copy. I do not have Protect Content checked and this works in IE and FireFox. I removed all my external HTML and I still have this problem. I am using Lectora 11.2a.


  • rwalters
    rwalters Community Member Posts: 276
    After a complete autopsy of my module (removing one thing at a time), I've discovered it's the OnSwipe actions causing Chrome to prohibit text selection. This is very annoying as we recommend Chrome for desktop browsing and also design for iPad use. I even have conditions on the actions to only have them work on an iPad or iPhone so as to prevent accidental swiping with the mouse. Not sure how to proceed. We put the navigation at the top because we figured people would rather swipe than click navigation buttons (even if they were at the bottom). But I also want people to be able to copy and paste to keep notes easily. I sent this to tech support but this is probably nothing to do with Lectora and just a fault within Chrome.