Iphone version 5.0 doesn't resize the course content published in Lectora v11.1

shreyas123 Community Member Posts: 6
We have developed a course for IPAD and published the course in Lectora v11.1.

we have used web window object to display animation ie html5 files and to work swipe on that animation we have made use of transparent images. There are transparent png's on course images and video objects as well to workout the swiping functionality.We have kept the parameters for the course such as:

Width = 1003

Height = 662 [scroll bar comes at the right hand side when published to .html]


Height = 598 [scroll bar doesn't come when published to .html]

For resizing we have used the external html object code:

Object Type: Meta tags

As on when we view the course on IPhone 5.0 version. It doesn't resizes in landscape mode nor in Portrait mode.

In landscape mode the lower part of the course is not visible. Is there any problem with the resizing code?

I hope this all clear to you.

Does any body has any idea why the resizing code is not working. Could any body please help us to work around with this problem.