Persistent data error and data not retained

Hi everyone. I'm new to lectora and having a few problems with a project and would really appreciate some advice. I'm using lectora 12 and moodle 2.2

Here's what I've done:

- set up a course with 2 chapters. One PC and one mobile. I use the platform variable to direct the user to the correct chapter.

- the course has 4 MCQ and 4 long answer Qs. Each is set to retain the answer between sessions (this is a req from the company)

- the mobile chapter is a duplicate of the PC chapter (ie the Qs use the same names and variables)

- on the home page for each version I've got a list of the Qs and icons indicating completion so returning users can see where they got to. This is controlled by a series of variables that are modified when the Qs are not empty.

Here are the issues

1. The retain data in the Qs isn't working on the mobile chapter. It will retain if I go in and out of the PC view but there is nothing on the mob view.

2. The completion flags show up in the PC screen but not on the mobile screen even though they use the same variables

3. If I go into PC view, answer a Q and then go to mobile view, not only is the Q not retained but if I hit anywhere on screen it throws an error about suspend data and then another error about persistent data not being saved. This has me stumped as its such a small course. I've tried both 1.2 and 2004 but same issue.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated, I'm really stumped.