Repositioning Multiple Images on Multiple Pages?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a VERY NEW user to Lectora, and have some tasks that need to get completed ASAP with that being said, I'm wondering if there is an easy way to choose multiple items across multiple pages, and reposition them all to the same location on each page. My story goes as follows:

I have screenshots from an outside program that I want to appear on pages. I have one screenshot per page, and each screenshot needs to be in exactly the same spot for each page. I found one workaround, which is still a bit arduous, as I would have to place all of the shots onto one page, reposition all of them, and essentially drag each image to the page I want it on. What I'd LOVE to be able to do is to quickly slide the images onto the pages from a folder on my desktop, then select all of the pages and manipulate the position of all of the shots at once. No sliding from one slide necessary. Does anyone know if there is a method that allows for this?

Thanks in advance to all who assist!


  • ssneg
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    quick answer: no, you cannot select multiple objects across multiple pages.

    What I would do:

    1. Drop all files into one page, select all of them, align them (you can punch in exact coordinates for all images at once in the Position tab). You can adjust other properties at this moment as well.

    2. CUT and paste the images one by one into relevant pages throughout the course. Use keyboard (ctrl-X, ctrl-V) with left hand, select pages with mouse with the right hand. You should be able to do about 30-40 pages per minute.

    Compared to dragging, this is faster because you have less aiming to do.

    Also, look into using Snagit for Lectora, here's a tutorial:
  • benpitman
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    Much easier way. If they are ALL in the same location and you have nothing else in that same X or Y coordinate.
    1. Note the current X and Y coordinate of the pics.
    2. In Windows, copy your .awt file as backup
    3. Close all Lectora windows.
    4. Open you .awt file with Notepad.
    5. The X and Y coordinates look like <*X>123<*/X><*Y>344<*/Y> without the * on separate lines. Do a Replace All in NotePad replacing the ENTIRE string.

      Example Replace <*X>123<*/X> with <*X>234<*/X> without the *. Do NOT just replace the coordinate. That will really mess things up.
    6. Save
    7. Open with Lectora.
    Note that ANYTHING with that X or that Y will be changed.
  • ssneg
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    @benpitman 60789 wrote:
    Much easier way.
    Not for someone who introduced themselves as "VERY NEW". Otherwise, sure, if you know what you're doing.
  • benpitman
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    I agree as to the "very new" but it is the only way I know of and might save him hours. It is not very complicated if you know how to Replace All.
  • mallow76
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    Might even be quicker to add guides to the title and have images snap to that when they are dragged in.
  • benpitman
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    I agree. Guides would be quicker IF there only 10-20 pages. Once you get to a large course, this would be faster.