Publish course with hotspot enabled videos

mike-m Community Member Posts: 38
We need to embed videos in our courses that allow for hotspots whereas the user has to click on the hotspot in the video to continue the video.

We had previously used Camtasia 7 to accomplish this and only needed to produce the video as a flash file, but Camtasia 8 only exports as mp4. How do you build the mp4 video, with all of the assets, into the course so that the hotspots are enabled?


  • mike-m
    mike-m Community Member Posts: 38
    Nevermind, I think I've found the solution on another thread (from ssneg):

    1. In Camtasia, publish your video: File > Produce and Share > MP4 with player.

    2. In Lectora, click Insert > Web Window > Local content > navigate to your published video, choose the player HTML file. Make sure the "Add all files and folders" box is checked.

    3. Publish the course and test if it works. Previewing this page won't work (for reasons that I won't go in at this point, hopefully it'll work in version 12).

    Testing this out and will come back if it doesn't work.