What I'm I doing wrong?

storyline Community Member Posts: 26
I have a 'Table of Contents' several chapters and 44 pages in English

I have tried : Tools > Translation

Export Text Include Chapter/Section/Page names

The exported RTF file never includes the Menu items ??????

I tried every option and used both versions 11 and 12.

This is the New menu navigation which started version 11.??


  • timk
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    I just exported a title to RTF, translated it, and imported the translated file. Chapter and page names have been updated in the title explorer. The TOC always draws chapter and page names from the title explorer, so the toc is updated as well. It just hasn't been exported as a separate object. It's the same with VAR(CurrentPageName) for breadcrumb etc. which always contains the page name as it is in the title explorer.

    You can test it by exporting to RTF, search for chapter name "What does the customer need to do", replace with "Qu'est-ce que le client doit faire", import and check the toc.

  • ssneg
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    "Was muss die Kunde tun" ;)
  • timk
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    Excusez-moi? Le client, il est masculin, ce pourquoi le correct phrase est "Was muss der Kunde tun" ;-)