Multiple Choice Question Answer Choices

klcerretti33 Community Member Posts: 4
I developed a course in an older version of Lectora Inspire. It has a multiple choice assessment at the end with four answer choices. Since that course has been developed, I upgraded Lectora to version 11.2. When I publish and test in a browser with the upgraded version, the last answer choice on all of the questions cannot be selected. It is as though a hidden text-box is covering up the box. However, there is nothing on the page that would cause this, and this was not a problem before the upgrade.

Does anyone know if this is related to my new version of Lectora, or maybe something else that would be causing this?

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  • ssneg
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    I strongly suggest upgrading to 11.3.2 and seeing if the problem is resolved there. At least download a trial and see if it works better than 11.2.
  • benpitman
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    I have seen something similar but can't remember what caused it. Copy a page and paste into a new blank course. If it still fails, then the issue is with the question. Try recreating the question. You can zip it up and send it to me at email below. If not, then there is some interaction between the question and inherited objects. If you can, zip the whole folder and send that to me. Wish I could be of more help.