Issue with showing/hiding buttons and objects on a question page

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I'm hoping someone can walk me through how they would implement the following interaction (which is a basic one) because I've been trying to configure all of my actions without any luck. And, yes, I've been following various instructions for similar topics on this forum but haven't had success.

I have the following set up on the problematic page:

1. A basic multiple choice question (single selection). When the learner clicks any of the options, they get immediate feedback (i.e. no submit/process question button).

2. A previous and next button.

3. A greyed out version of the next button which sits on top of the active next button.

Basically, the idea is that the learner will see the greyed out version of the next button until they have attempted to answer the question. Only once they answer the question (successfully or unsuccessfully), the active next button appears and they can click on it to move onwards.

Additionally, I've set up and tried the following:

- The active next button (named nxt_btn) is set to "initially hidden"

- The greyed out button is simply an image of the active next button, just coloured grey. There are no actions on this object - it's simply a visual clue to the learner that they cannot proceed until attempting the question.

How would I configure the actions/variables to hide the active next button until the learner has attempted to answer the question? I've tried toying around with the show/hide actions without any success.

Appreciate the help!


  • timk
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    There are two way I can think of:

    1. If your questions are part of a test you can check "Student must answer each question" in the test properties, behavior tab. You can't use a greyed-out button but Lectora will show a message if the next button is clicked before a question is answered and prevent the user from going on.

    2. If your questions are not part of a test or you definitely want to use the grey button you can place the grey button over the real next button and add an action to each of the questions' checkboxes:

    On: Select / Change

    Action: Hide

    Target: grey_button

  • ryanbmcdonald
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    Tim - this question was not part of a test. The second solution you described worked perfectly for me. Thank you very much!