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One small feature I would really like just to be able to clear all guides at the press of a button (not just hide them but actually remove them). (Sorry if this is there and I have simply failed to find it).

Obviously it's fantastic to have the guides, but I do seem to waste a lot of time trying to tidy them up (and know I'm not alone).

Generally I find the method for moving guides around really quite awkward - particularly on a small screen. Hard to know what would help with that, but there seems to be some fairly precise requirements about the order in which you need to hover, click the ctrl key and hit the mouse button that I don't always get right.

Also, sometimes I find that having dragged the line towards the top of the screen, I am unable to let it go - seems stuck to the mouse until I bring it back down into the title area again.

(Now I have the crosshairs, now I''ve lost them.... Now I've got it but I'm at the wrong level in the title... Now it just won't move..... ; was it really ctrl that I wanted or was it something else......: I suspect this is a sequence that is familiar to quite a lot of your users but perhaps it's just me).

Now that's off my chest.



  • wheels
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    You are in luck! Lectora Online Version 2 will be release this Friday and it has a Clear Guides option, along with "handles" to help you easily adjust your guides. Please keep the suggestions coming!

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    Cool! What about Lectora 12?
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    @ssneg 61786 wrote:
    Cool! What about Lectora 12?

    Clear guides is in v11 and and the guide handles will be in v12.
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    A lot of Lectora users are frustrated by what they think is a need to erase all the guides at once just to reposition one, or by using the Clear Guides button on the View tab. But that’s a misconception — you CAN reposition guides! To move a guide or remove an individual guide, hold down the CONTROL key while you left-click on a guide. Then drag the guide to its new position — or, to remove it, drag it off-stage, back to the ruler.


    Holding down the Control key and left-clicking on a guide lets you reposition it!

    Click here to learn more about How to Work with Grids and Guides in Lectora.