Score not tracking, no percentage

anirt09 Community Member Posts: 1
Hi everyone,

I've created a test:100 items of multiple choice questions, randomized, no bookmarking, percentage is compute as (n / 100) *50 + 50. The scoring and the LMS working fine when one of the user encountered an error. (

The user finished the exam, has a score but has no percentage. The LMS didn't record anything. (See picture below.)

I've tried figuring out the possible cause of it. So I've tried answering the test question until 60 and disconnect my internet (I can still answer the questions). I've reach the last question and clicked the next button to calculate my grade but it wasn't continuing. Then I connected my internet, so the score will compute. Then score and percentage appear but when I check the LMS, the grade is not recorded, no attempts either.

What could be the possible reason why the percentage and grade in LMS is not displaying? Is it because of slow internet connection or ? Please help me. Thank you in advance!