Posting test results from Lectora SCORM compliant course to

I am at a loss on why I'm having issues with posting the results from Lectora to TRAIN. We have several SCORM compliant Lectora courses that work well. We set up our new course in the same way. When you click the "DONE" button at the end of the course to submit the test to the LMS, I get about 20 errors or so that indicate that the system doesn't recognize the data being sent. TRAIN says the errors stem from the system expecting a number, but recieving something else. Each question in the final assessment has a point value of 1 and the test is set to send results to the LMS at the end with 80% and higher considered a PASS. I've looked everywhere to see what Lectora is sending to the LMS, but I find nothing that shows me what information it is sending and how to ensure it's correct.

Any ideas?