SCORM/AICC Bookmarking Not Working from iPad in Mobile Browser on CSOD

I have developed a course using Lectora 11.3 that is verified to be working on multiple other learning management systems using Safari browser on iPad.

When launching in Cornerstone On Demand (CSOD) using either SCORM or AICC, will pick up saved bookmark from prior launch on PC, but will not save bookmarked pages as user proceeds through the course on iPad.

Has anyone encountered this issue before?


  • mattk
    mattk Community Member Posts: 7
    I have now tested this with LMS Communication debugging features turned on. I can see on iPad that LMSSetValue is being called each time I go to the next and sending new value for cmi.core.lesson_location

    So leads me to believe one of the following must be happening:

    1) CSOD is ignoring this call on iPad even though Lectora thinks it has properly made the call


    2) These calls are being made, but LMSCommit is never being processed on iPad (seems the more reasonable of the two)

    I do notice a difference on PC and iPad in what happens in the debug window, when I exit the course. Neither shows an LMSCommit call, but:

    * On PC, after course window closes, debug shows updated cmi.core.session_time

    * On iPad, after course window closes, debug does not show any update