Navigation between SCOs


I am building a multiSCO package and I'm having problem with the navigation between the SCOs. I know that Lectora doesn't handle the navigation between AUs automatically but still I have to add an action in order to tell the LMS that it should go to the next SCO.

The thing I did is I added two actions on a button, one that executes the following javascript command: LMSSetValue('adl.nav.request', '{target=I_A002}choice'); and after that another one that sets the cmi.core.exit variable to 'suspend' and the learner still cannot continue to the next SCO. I have done testing and tried several things but nothing seems to be working. The only way I can continue to the next SCO is only if the page is reloaded. I have tried reloading the page with an action that executes the following javascript command: location.reload(); but I get the error 104 (Content Instance Terminated (104) Call to Initialize failed because Terminate was already called.) in the SCORM API Activity Log.

I'm publishing the package to SCORM 2004 and uploading it to modified Moodle 2.4. I know that the LMS is SCORM compliant since there are other packages (not developed in Lectora) uploaded on it and the navigation works perfectly fine.

I would appreciate if someone could help me since I'm stuck on this problem and out of ideas :(. Thank You.