Our IT department is receiving website errors

rwalters Community Member Posts: 276
This probably isn't a Lectora support problem but perhaps someone has had a similar problem and can fix it. THis is beyond my knowledge. We oftentimes receive the following error:

PATH_INFO /IWAG/Training/Electrical/ + url +

Our IT manager says it is that is trying to go to the next page and it puts this in the URL instead of the actual page name. This isn't recent. It's been going on for some time and I have no idea if this corresponds with any issues on the user end. They're tired of seeing the error and want me to fix it on my end, but I have no clue about this stuff.


  • martink
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    I could imagine that it has maybe something to do with the page names. Could you please try the following and check if it helps?

    Publish to SCORM -> HTML Options -> check Convert page names to short ID-based names

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  • rwalters
    rwalters Community Member Posts: 276
    I probably should have been clear that I publish to Web (HTML) and don't use an LMS. However, I already have it set to short ID-based names.
  • martink
    martink Community Member Posts: 16
    Hmm okay, is there any other hint on when the error occurs? Only with a specific browser or with a specific course or only on a specific action?
  • samc36
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    Is there any more detail with the error?

    Like an example of the full error title:

    e.g. PATH_Missing: /IWAG/Training/Electrical/ + url(e.g. traning_page1.extension) +

    Missing file/extension/etc?
  • rwalters
    rwalters Community Member Posts: 276
    That's the whole line where the error appears. But it appears again as:

    URL /IWAG/Training/Electrical/ + url +

    It seems to come from people clicking the the next button which is supposed to go to the next page, but instead it puts in + url+. It happens on various titles, but we can't figure out what users are generating the error.