Scrom 1.2 course doesn't close via Browser exit button on SABA

rakesh-kumar Community Member Posts: 1
We are working with one of the fortune 100 companies from the Oil and Energy sector. We have a team of 30 people using Lectora 11.3 license copies to develop courses for them. Right now, the issue it that when we try to exit the course via browser exit, the course freezes. We are not able to fix this. When we use another tool to develop the course, my client is not having the freeze issue. We don’t want our client to move away from Lectora. Please suggest a solution.


  • jsearcy
    jsearcy Community Member Posts: 61
    We had this issue with SABA a while ago. Check your Publish settings - for us it was that we needed to check the "Launch course in separate window from the LMS" checkbox.