Snap! Video, Glow, Animation Triggers and font issues

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I have just purchased Snap! by Lectora and I think it is an amazing tool. I have used Lectora for years and the rapid development with this has been outstanding, however I have a few questions and would like to know if anyone eles has had these issues I will be listing.

1. Video:

I often use videos for movement backgrounds as it just makes it a bit more eye-catching. Sometimes when I publish the course though it reduces the quality drastically. Even when I mark the quality to the highest notch it does this. In other courses it is fine, and I never resize the video, but rather crop them. Is there something else I should be doing to keep the quality as high as possible?

2. Glow on Text:

I like this in PowerPoint and use it often to differentiate headings and body, but when published again it duplicates the text on top of each other and just off centre so it is hideously visible. I have resorted to saving them as images as I don't want to lose any ID and CI compliance issues, and I want it to look cool. It makes it a bit more time consuming but not too bad.

3. Animation Triggers:

When I use this to bring more interactivity into the course i.e. click to enter and exit 2 separate objects in animation - it just simply ignores it. this makes the course so much less interactive and to me seems like a bug??? It works in PowerPoint but when i publish it just disappears. It would make the same effects and showing and hiding in Lectora or any other elearning tool... (This is a little critical for me and i would love some guidance here...)

4. Fonts

Here again it relies on arial or a default font. As far as I know Flash published content is not reliant on installed fonts, but when I use a font in PowerPoint - and it is not a default font it changes it. A biggie for me, and I have a workaround as I save them all as images but it is alot more time consuming.

Great tool nonetheless... I love the fact that i can get signoff on my design and have a developed product really soon after! :-)



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    geeman1979 Community Member Posts: 3
    So in playing around I have figured out some stuff...

    The video issue was my fault, I misunderstood the compression settings. Apparently Low means BIG (High quality) and High means small (low quality). it makes sense now that I think about it so the video quality is cool now...

    The Font, I am just using generic fonts that will work anywhere, I cant take the time to do anything else, especially with the themes applying it across the presentation before publishing. Still a bit of a bummer tho...

    Glow I am unfortunately saving as pics and the Animation Triggers is a massive bugger...