Having 2 different types of feed back on a drag and drop question

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I am building a drag and drop quiz (more of a game if you will) that looks like one big question to the user rather than separate questions.

I have 10 drag and drop items that I want to go on to 5 possible others. This, I have been able to do by having 10 separate questions (1 for each drag and drop item) using a custom made image, to put my drop zones on. I have used feedback to show tick or cross images for correct or incorrect on each question. However, I need to be able to show 2 different text responses related to each item for correct and incorrect as well as the ticks and crosses.

I have tried with the text to use an on show with a condition that the question is correct or not but no luck there. Am I doing something wrong or is there a better way to do this?


  • wheels
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    It seems like you could do a "run action group" action from the question feedback. The action group could do a series of actions: show the tick, show the correct text; a different action group could show the cross, show the incorrect text.

    To accomplish this... 1) Insert a group object. 2) Add actions into the group for the behavior you want to see. and 3) Change the feedback to "run action group" and select the group object.

    Another option could be to add an on show action to the tick or cross image which shows the appropriate text object.