Setting Lectora Variable/Action equal to AICC LMS info

Goal: to have the Lectora variable I create equal an AICC LMS provided value as "verification"

I do not want to simply change the content from a text entry box with the AICC LMS value, (ie Student Name).

I need to create a "verification" type of action where a GoTo action or Completion status is accomplished because the text entry box content (variableX) "equals" an AICC "value" (Student ID). The value needs to be a dynamic field that changes with each student (or similar unique parameter).



  • ssneg
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    So, you have the following interactive elements on your page:

    - text entry field that has a variable associated with it

    - next page button with a conditional action

    Student enters his Student ID in the entry box. Clicks the Next page button. The button jumps to next page if "Entry_0001" value equals "AICC_Student_ID" value. Otherwise it shows a popup saying "You entered a student ID that does not match our records".

    Is this what you wanted?
  • ufehs
    ufehs Community Member Posts: 3
    In a simplified manner, yes. I'll try it. Thanks!