Some drag-and-drop items float on top of feedback popup

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Hi all,

I'm experiencing a vexing drag-and-drop problem and am completely stumped. I have searched the forum for this problem, and can find no mention of this.

I have about five or six drag-and-drop questions scattered throughout my course. All of them consist of text boxes as drag-and-drop items that the learner can drop onto hotspots that overlay an image. When the learner drops them and clicks the Next button, the feedback displays in a popup window. If the learner dropped them incorrectly, the popup is a hidden page with the correct answer (an image). This is a SCORM course, the popups display as lightboxes, and the problem occurs in the LMS (Saba). (The preview features in Lectora aren't working right for my drag-and-drop questions). All of the drag-and-drop questions work just fine except for one.

In the question that is giving me problems, I have 8 drag-and-drop items, and when the popup with the corrent answer displays, five of the items -- in fact, the five "upper" items -- appear to float on top of the popup, and you can click and drag them around. In other words, the popup appears to display between the third and fourth item, counted from the lowest layer. In all of my other questions, the drag-and-drop text box items remain under the popup.

I have tried everything I can think of to fix this issue, including:

-- Making sure all question elements are sent to the back; regardless of this, whatever the top (front) five drag-and-drop layers are the ones that displays on top of the popup

-- Making sure that Always on Top is not selected for any of the drag-and-drop text boxes; regardless of this checkbox being unchecked, the problem continues

-- The image in the popup is a png, but so are most of the ones in the other questions that work correctly; thinking maybe there was a transparency issue, anyway, I tried replacing it with a jpg, and the problem continues

-- The background of the popup page is the same as the one used in all the other questions that work; it is a solid white background with a dark gray title bar area

-- I've been unable to find any settings associated with the popup page to ensure it displays on top of everything on the page beneath it.

I can't think of anything else. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help!



  • lss
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    OK, after more digging, I figured out the problem. The only thing different in the question settings between this problem question and the other questions that work correctly is that I had the Show Drop Zone Outlines checkbox selected. (I felt the need to turn this feature on for this particular question because the drop zones on the image are not as intuitive as in the other questions.) I'm not sure why turning on this option would cause the problem, since the problem seemed more related to the order of the drag-and-drop items in the layers than to the drop zones, but since the drop zones are embedded in the question and not a separate element that you can adjust or move directly on the course page, it's impossible to tell. At any rate, this appears to be a bug in Lectora. Turning off this option fixed the problem.

    Hope this information helps someone in the future.

  • benpitman
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    Glad you figured it out.

    Now, on Drag and Drop, to show the correct answer, there is another fairly easy way. First, run it in Debug mode and move the objects to the correct locations. Now look at the question variable in the debug window. Write down the correct answer shown there. Now, when you want to show the correct answer, use a Change Contents action with the Target being the question and the Value equal to what you saw in the Debug window. No need for another page.