ActiveX and Embedded Video

rogersmb Community Member Posts: 1
I have a small WBT with 2 embedded mp4 videos. Is ActiveX needed to successfully run these? When I have ActiveX disabled, I get an error message saying the video path is invalid, but no issues when ActiveX is enabled. Is there any way around ActiveX when embedding video - perhaps not using the video control overlay, or using a different format, such as WMV or MPG? Thanks.


  • t_johnb
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    With audio and  video, Lectora publishes so that Flash is the preferred player, and if not present, it will use HTML 5 to play the video. In Internet Explorer (only), the  Flash player is an ActiveX control. It sounds like that when ActiveX is disabled, Internet Explorer won't let the Flash player run, but it tells the course content that Flash is available.

    You can work around this, if your browser has HTML 5 support. Try this library object at the top of your title:

    This will switch the "preference" for Flash in the published content.