Status Indicators and alt text.

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Is there a way to have three different alt text for a 3 image button? Or does anyone know of a way to create a status indicator with three images? I see Lectora has the status indicators, but it only allows for 1 alt description my user is wanting to have each state to have it's own alt tag.




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    Hey there,

    I would get around this by creating the status indicator manually and hiding/unhiding the appropriate image depending on a variable:


    - Two variables: TopicStarted, TopicCompleted

    - Three images: Ind_NotStarted, Ind_Incomplete, Ind_Complete


    - When the user starts the topic, set TopicStarted to 1

    - When the user completes the topic, set TopicCompleted to 1

    - When the user returns to the table of contents page, show image:

    - Ind_NotStarted if TopicStarted == 0

    - Ind_Incomplete if TopicStarted == 1 and TopicCompleted == 0

    - Ind_Complete if TopicCompleted == 1

    - Hide whichever indicators are not relevant (if showing Ind_Complete, hide the other two)

    You can then add alt tags for each of the three images. Screen readers won't read hidden elements so the above should work, just takes a little extra mucking around!