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Page Name / Error Creating File

struitt Community Member Posts: 120 ♪ Opening Act ♪
Is there a maximum number of characters that can be in a page name?

I'm getting an "Error Creating File" error message when attempting to publish to SCORM. The course has been published with success before, however I have this issue with the new or previous version.

Using previous forum posts as a reference I decided to shorten some page names and the number of errors returned went down. Short of contacting Trivantis I wanted to see if others have experienced this or if it was just me. I'm also open to a different cause/solution.


  • clammers
    clammers Community Member Posts: 117 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    In my experience, there is. And, as pages are titled by their location within a course (CourseName>ChapterName>SectionName>PageName), the longer the name of any chapter or section, the longer the name of the page. Unless necessary, you can publish short to short ID-based names which create a unique number for each page.
  • jdh
    jdh Community Member Posts: 16
    Also, avoid periods at the end of page titles in Title Explorer (e.g., U.S.). Lectora will publish it, but the published file name (if you're not using short-ID names) will not be recognized by most browsers/LMSs because of the two periods separating the page name and the file extension. Something else that used to work, but not anymore.
  • eosebe
    eosebe Community Member, Lectora® Accessibility Group (LAUG) Member, eLearning Brothers® Partner Posts: 1 ☆ Roadie ☆
    This was most useful. Many thanks!
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