Course menu's transparency/opacity is inconsistent

ryanbmcdonald Community Member Posts: 6
Is there a way to adjust the opacity/transparency of a Lectora course's standard menu? I'm experiencing very inconsistent results with my course menu's transparency.

I created a basic course menu: vertical style, rectangular shape with blue color for its background and white text for the menu items.

The menu is fully opaque when viewing it in Edit and Preview Modes. It's also entirely opaque when previewing it in browser mode using Internet Explorer. But then the menu is slightly transparent (around 50%) when previewing it in Chrome or when it's published to HTML or SCORM in ALL browsers. :S

Included below is a summary of my findings. Can someone offer a reason why this is the case? Is their a workaround to ensure the menu is fully opaque? When the menu is slightly transparent, it's a poor user experience.

Menu is entirely opaque when viewing the course in:

- Edit Mode

- Preview Mode

- Preview in Browser (Internet Explorer only)

Menu is slightly transparent (~50%) when viewing the course in:

- Preview in Browser (Chrome only)

- Publish > Web (HTML) (viewed in Internet Explorer AND Chrome)

- Publisher > SCORM (viewed in Internet Explorer AND Chrome)


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