Shapes don't work properly

ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,466 ☆ Roadie ☆
When creating shapes in Lectora v12, the following defects appear:

1) all shapes have extra 2px transparent margin on each side, only visible after the title is published.

As a result, if you position something at x=100, y=100, it will look like the image is actually at (102;102). Also, the image size will be 4px larger in both dimensions.

2) rectangles with no outline (set to zero) have a blurry border around them. E.g. I created a solid red rectangle 278x192, but the red rectangle is published as 277x191, and the missing pixel is divided into two pink lines with 50% opacity on either side of the rectangle, and then there's 1-2px transparent margin on each side as well. And the resulting image is 282x196 in total, as described in #1.

It seems like there's a problem with the code that generates PNGs from the shape elements.

I recorded a short video that highlights this bug: (the video is set to unlisted, by the way)