no parameters available in flash activities from stock library,win7,Lectora Inspire11

okla123 Community Member Posts: 8
I've installed Lectora Inspire X11 on Windows 7. After that I hadt to install flash add on to IE becuse none of the flash activities form stock library in Lectora wouldnt even appear in the library. As I installed flah addon for the IE, flash activities in stock library in Lectora appeared but still I have a big problem.

All of the activities like audioexplanation, games, cardflip, categories,photoviewer etc. dont work at all and I am not even able to provide parameters for the flash activities because they all are gone. Flash Parameters are not listed the table is plain. I cant even add my own parameters. I see photoviewer activity in stock library,I can even insert it into page and thats it. I cant do anything more with this. But flash activity such as clock and arrow work just fine.

Whats causing the issue? We bought Lectora last year and installed on XP and flash activities were firn, we couldnt use clipart library then becasue none of the characters were shown in the library and now we have reinstalled Lectora on Win7 and cliparts are back but flash activities are gone. What can we do about it? We need to have a possibilty to use flash activities for our students.


University of Lodz


  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Well they are there on my systems, XP and Windows 8. Never had a prob. like this in 9 years. Sounds like some conflicts or a faulty install file. Maybe download the install file again, uninstall, and reinstall. If that does not fix it, contact Trivantis.
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