Improvements for audio closed-captioning

prg1792 Community Member Posts: 43 ♪ Opening Act ♪
A few requested fixes/improvements related to audio closed-captioning:

1) BUG: The HTML output for the "embed" part of the audio SWF tag does not match the "object" part of the tag. The value for wmode should be "transparent" in both cases. It currently defaults to "opaque" for the object tag, rendering a black box in some browsers.

2) REQUEST: Expose the option for having the "CC" button appear as a control in the audio playbar instead of the floating icon. Adding "&dock=false" to both the object and embed parameters shows the desired result.

3) REQUEST: Enable a developer to initially set captioning display "off" in a title. Allow the user to then turn it on if they want to view captioning.

4) REQUEST: Add a set of actions for Show Captions and Hide Captions, similar to Mute Media and Unmute Media, so that captioning visibility could be assigned to other keys or buttons.


  • lauram
    lauram Community Member Posts: 149
    Thank you for these suggestions. We'll be sure to add them to our backlog.