Audio in video not working in preview or publish

mbtkcc Community Member Posts: 6
I created a video and added an audio .wav file to it like I have done many times but this time when I import the video file I play it in the import window and I can hear the audio but when I preview or publish there isn't any audio. I don't know what I am doing any different then before.



  • wheels
    wheels Community Member, Administrator, Moderator, Rockstar Manager Posts: 526 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    Hi, are you working in Lectora Online? What browser and version are you using?
  • mbtkcc
    mbtkcc Community Member Posts: 6
    I am not working online. I am working with the SNAP by Lectora for Powerpoint. And it may be the video/audio software I am using. Just not sure. This morning I created a new PPT and imported old .mov I created for other presentations and they work just fine. I started over and created another .mov using View NX2 (Nikon) and audio .wav using Audacity (what I used before) and when I Import Narration using the Snap ribbon, I get sound when I play it in the box but after I hit the OK and then Preview the slide, I get video but no audio. I have tried everything, I even uninstalled the View NX2 software and re-installed it thinking that was the problem but that wasn't it. :confused:

    BTW, thanks for your reply!!
  • monicae
    monicae Community Member Posts: 10
    Hi, 2 things I have found to help when troubleshooting audio loaded as additional files in Lectora (esp via flash insets) (not SNAP) :

    1. On publishing, sometimes the capitalisation of the first letter of the name of the audio file gets changed. I have had to rename the file in the exported package before the files will play in some cases (either change lower case first letter to upper case or vice versa - don't remember which way round it goes) .

    2. Stand alone audio files in some contexts won't play in the normal preview mode - but will if you preview page in the browser.

    Probably neither of these are your issue, but just in case.

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