"Repository Error" importing .pkg from Lectora 12 to Lectora Online

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Hi everyone,

I've come up against a "Repository Error" message while trying to import a Lectora 12 .pkg file into Lectora online:

  • Get "Repository error" message immediately upon import attempt
  • Tried with two different .pkg files exported from Lectora 12 (one containing new Lectora 12 features, one not) - both returned same error
  • Using Lectora v12.0.1 and Lectora Online version BN001861

The only other mention of this issue I could find was at the link below, and the suggested fix is kinda confusing - anybody come up against similar and been able to work around it?


Really needing this to work as I run Lectora 12 and some off-site colleagues are using Lectora Online and we need to be able to collaborate on projects.

I've also attached a screenshot of the error.



  • wheels
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    The short answer is that Lectora Online Version 2 cannot import Lectora Desktop Version 12 titles.

    In version 12 there were changes to base objects to support resource-less shapes and effects. These changes are not yet in Lectora Online.
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    Hey Wheels,

    Thanks for that - I feared that would be the case. Looks like I'm rolling back to Lectora 11!