SuccessFactors/Plateau LMS Integration - unable to get AICC courses to play

We are in the middle of implementing SuccessFactors LMS (previously Plateau). We are hosting our own content on our company server but are unable to get any of the AICC courses to play when launched from the new LMS. The courses run fine in our current Maestro 5/Sumtotal LMS. We have also tested the courses at, and they run fine.

The URL from the LMS is pointing to the a001index.html file. If this correct or should it be pointing to another file, like the first page in the course?

When we point to the first page in the course, the course will run but will stop when we get to a question/answer. The course just stops. No training is recorded.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


  • ssneg
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    Hi Brent,

    the LMS should point to whatever file is specified by the imsmanifest.xml, so if your LMS chooses a001index.html, so be it. Sounds about right. You can double check that by looking at what file is opened in Scorm Cloud popup window.

    Does your browser display any script errors in the console? Did you try multiple browsers?

    Do you have anything non-Lectora specific in your course, any custom scripts, external HTML objects?