Plus Sign Not Showing For Text Boxes in L12

helium13 Community Member Posts: 9
I have a developer that when using Lectora 12 that the + sign does not appear on overlapping text boxes or text boxes that are not fully expanded. I can take his awt and open it up in my version and they show. Is there a preference for this or anything else I am missing? This is causing an issue when people are trying to take a course in IE 8 versus when taking it IE 11 as IE 11 adjusts for the overlap and IE 8 does not.


  • martink
    martink Community Member Posts: 16
    You could try to change the height & width in the Position & Size Ribbon menu when you click on a textbox. This may be a workaround and not the solution i guess!

  • helium13
    helium13 Community Member Posts: 9
    I had even tried that, but it was not successful. We have kind of found a solution to the issue hopefully. My developer was using a template that was created in L10.6. We had him strip out the test completely and rebuild it in L12 and this seems to have fixed the problem. Still not sure why the UI acted differently for him and myself when we pulled up the same .awt file. One thing we did find also is that L12 is using HTML 5 tags and this was at least one reason the old template was having issues in IE 8. It had a fieldset tag that did not produce a closing tag for it.