Lectora 12 Crashing

katy_lil Community Member Posts: 18
I am having nothing but trouble with my Lectora 12! I love the new features but half of them crash my PC!

When importing a video to the course - it crashes instantly before I have even selected a file to load. It gets to the window browser and then shuts lectora down.

When you try to insert a stream video every time you click the video it inserts #1267 in front of the hyperlink, which means every time I go to change a video I have to also modify the hyperlink.

If I cancel a publish it automatically shuts down lectora

Now with the upgrade, when I publish a course, anyone on IE 11 runs it with their compatibility settings on, the next buttons stop working so I have to insert a new line of code on every course page to emulate IE9!

The buttons on the assessment to remove options don't work with a graphics tablet

Also when publish it is taking forever and often slows down to crashing my entire PC.

It is proving a nightmare when customers are paying me for courses and basically I am having to push back deadlines because half of lectora just doesn't work. I wish I had stuck to 6, it may of had less features but at least it worked!


  • ssneg
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    so I have to insert a new line of code on every course page to emulate IE9
    Add a title-level External HTML Object, set it to Meta Tags, paste whatever doctype/meta/etc code you are using to push IE into Compatibility mode. No need to insert the line on every course page.