Multiple Lectora 11 file formats being saved??

lnelson Community Member Posts: 6

I've been a Lectora user for a while now. Here are some particulars about my Lectora usage before I jump into my question.

-We currently use Lectora Inspire v11.3.2 where I work

-We upgraded from the previous version in April 2014

-I'm working with legacy files (older versions of Lectora that I'm converting to our current version)

-I often copy and edit files on a server and on my local computer

My question is what are all these extra files that Lectora is generating when I save my work?


AWT11, AWT1111, Lectora File??

I'm used to the previous version when all you had to deal with was the awt file, extern folder, and the configuration file. It's getting to the point where I don't know which file to select anymore (I'm not convinced that the file date is an indicator). I'm seeing issues where questions and interactions aren't working properly. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.